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Monday, 31 December 2012

Shahzeb khan.May Allah grant you the highest place in Jannat. Love you

Shahzeb Khan was a very important part of our family. He was shot dead on the night of 25th December by some drunk men. This innocent boy had to lose his life for no reason. He had not picked a fight, he had not caused trouble. He was only on his way back from his eldest sister's Valima. Shahzeb Khan is a Shaheed. Not only was he our brother but our hero. This boy never disappointed us. He never gave up, or let his family down. We all loved him so dearly. And seeing him just moments before, smiling at his sister's wedding and loosing him moments later really broke us. It unimaginable and still so surreal to us that this vital member of our family has left us. Who gave them the right to kill such an amazing brother, son, friend? no body. But they did it anyway, and also got away with it, hiding somewhere now. Our family is so shattered by Shahzeb's loss that healing from this seems unreachable. Knowing Shahzeb since he was born has been an honor to us. This beautiful bratty boy was nothing short of a gem. He was adorable. And so so brave. He wouldn't let anybody hurt those he loved. He was really scared of no one. Shahzeb was followed by these men and shot twice after which his car toppled over. All of this was a matter of minutes. Minutes after his sister's valima, minutes of confusion, of struggle, of courage, of pain and then a lifetime of loss. Shahzeb humara bacha, humara bhai,, jaan ho tum! When your body was brought in, your face, and everything, is just cemented in our memories. I don't believe whatever had happened beacuse its just been a day since I last saw you and hugged you. May Allah grant you the highest place in Jannat. Love you.

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